Softball Season

I am most certainly entering the phase of life which can only be described as “wedding mania”. Engagements are popping up left and right and just being able to witness this all is pretty incredible. At the beginning of August I embarked on a roadtrip from Austin, TX to Boulder, CO with a close friend I met while studying abroad. She and I sought out across the vast and lifeless plains of Texas to visit another study abroad friend in Boulder. Not only was I able to reunite with my best friends from study abroad, but I also had the opportunity to see one of my oldest and dearest friends. Amanda and I have known each other since preschool, so I was elated to spend time with her in Boulder while I was there. I introduced her to my study abroad friends over dinner and Haagen Dazs (I’m a sucker for Haagen Dazs) on Pearl Street and we all decided that we would get together again in a few days so Amanda could take us horseback riding. We all had such a fun time together and I feel truly blessed to have friends sprinkled across this huge country.

Only a few days after I returned home from my two-week trip to Texorado, I was in the car with my brother when Amanda sent me a picture message…of her left hand…flashing a beautiful engagement ring. The moment I comprehended what was going on in this picture, I inhaled just about all of the air in the car around me in what was one of my most theatrical gasps of all time. One of my best friends was engaged. Amanda gave me the whole engagement story over the phone the next morning as I struggled to wrap my brain around the notion of (A) such a close friend getting married, (B) realizing that this is only the tip of the iceberg as weddings are concerned, and (C) being a bridesmaid for the first time. I found myself sarcastically thinking “Wait am I ready for this commitment??”

After a string of text messages back and forth discussing details and dates and logistics I let it slip that she should avoid a specific date in June for her wedding, as I have already committed to doing some photography for a friend’s sister’s wedding. This ultimately led to my explanation that I am considering photography as a profession. Amanda responded enthusiastically and supportively, and immediately asked if I’d be willing to do an engagement session at the beach while she and her fiancée were in town the following weekend. It was like God delivered me a softball. Handed it right to me, then and there. And I was going to take it and run with it.

Amanda & Jon | Laguna Beach Engagement

Amanda & Jon | Laguna Beach Engagement

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