Amanda & Jon | Laguna Beach Engagement

Amanda & Jon | Laguna Beach Engagement


I could tell when I met him that Jon adored Amanda. He seemed to hang on her every word and he could hardly take his eyes off of her even for a moment. This was the first time they had seen each other in months. This was just after Jon had flown to England to visit his girlfriend, to travel with her, and to soak in as much time with her as possible before going home and waiting two or three more months to see her again. This was March, 2010. The first stop in Amanda's and Jon's travel itinerary was Paris, where I was currently living. We coordinated to meet for lunch while they were in town and I eagerly awaited their arrival and my chance to meet the man my childhood friend had told me so much about. Fast-forward a year and a half to Labor Day weekend, 2011. I woke up extra early on Sunday, packed up my gear, double-checked the weather and surf report, and again awaited their arrival. This time, Amanda and Jon were headed my way so that the three of us could drive down to Laguna Beach to take their engagement photos.

We all had an awesome time together and spent about 3 hours wandering around Laguna taking pictures and enjoying each other's company. Quite appropriately, we finished our outing with lunch and champagne at a nearby French restaurant which very closely resembled our first lunch together a year and a half ago.

Amanda and Jon, you are a truly special couple and I have enjoyed every minute of seeing your wedding take shape. The next few months will be filled with excitement and anticipation, I'm sure, and I can't wait to take part in your special day next summer!


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