Playing pet detective

This past weekend while I was in Modesto visiting family the timing was perfect to squeeze in a maternity photoshoot with my cousin Brandon and his wife Tara. I don't know too much about Modesto or the surrounding areas, so on Friday when my uncle took us out to his almond orchards I was astonished by their beauty and symmetry. I've passed by countless orchards on the 99 driving through Central California, but I had never actually stood inside of one. There is such an incredible feeling of calmness when surrounded by rows and rows of almond trees. That evening over dinner Brandon and Tara asked if I had any ideas for the photoshoot and I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate those orchards. Not only do they provide the perfect backdrop for pictures, they also hold a lot of sentimental meaning for Brandon and his family--they belonged to Brandon's grandfather before he passed away just a few months ago. Photographing Brandon and Tara at such a beautiful time in their lives surrounded by his grandfather's trees couldn't have been more perfect. We started the shoot on Saturday at a friend's property in the country. We had so many different settings to choose from and it felt like we were playing pet detective because when we arrived we were bombarded by labrador retrievers, then we made friends with a very sweet (and very clever) 27-year-old horse, and later in the almond orchards a couple of kittens were glued to our heels. All these furry friends made for a very fun and relaxed afternoon of strolling through vineyards and orchards.

It was so nice to spend time with Brandon and Tara witnessing the palpable joy and anticipation they feel for the little girl who is about to enter their lives. I am sure the next three months are going to fly by and she will be here before we know it!


I was so happy we found some pumpkins sitting around this property. It really felt like fall, something I definitely miss living in Southern California.

These red vines were so gorgeous! Apparently this is actually a fungus though...We still thought it was pretty.

These two kittens at the almond orchard were so curious and friendly. They wanted to get in on the photoshoot right away. The little grey one was particularly interested in the camera.

Such a beautiful day of nature and furry friends! I am looking forward to seeing these almond trees in the springtime when they are in full bloom. From what I hear it is simply breathtaking...

Happy Wednesday!


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