Spontaneity is the best medicine

Thursday was a pretty significant day in my life. Thursday was the end to finals week. Thursday was the end to my collegiate career. Thursday was the day I saw Ryan Gosling. Let me elaborate... I was curled up in bed, ready for a night filled with Mad Men and a comfy sweater. All that changed when my friend Kimmie texted me saying Gangster Squad was filming in Hollywood...and that I should go try to find Ryan Gosling. I have to admit that I have become quite the Gosling fan over the past few months, something which was most heavily influenced by my affinity for Drive. With that said, I was immediately on-board with this scheme of Kimmie's. Within an hour and a half she, Sam and I were parked just off Hollywood Boulevard, making our way by foot to the movie set outside Grauman's Chinese Theater. The entire stretch of road between Highland and at least a street or two past the theater was blocked off and lined with pristine cars from the 50s. It was truly an incredible sight and worth the renegade midnight mission on its own. Seeing Ryan for a split second before he ducked into a van was pretty nice too. But the icing on the cake was definitely the unexpected time I got to spend with Kimmie and Sam being adventurous and spontaneous even though they were still in the midst of finals.

I live for spontaneity and adventures like that.

Kimmie was particularly excited to see the bus pictured behind her, part of the Los Angeles public transportation system she had been researching earlier that day.

It was pretty crazy to have gone from watching Mad Men on my computer to being surrounded by extras dressed in costumes from the same era.

Kimmie and a teeny tiny trailer.

Oh, I guess I'm a college graduate now?

Sunday in lalaland - 11 December 2011

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