I took advantage of a day off of work last week to drive down to San Diego to visit my dear Hallie. She and I graduated at the same time, a quarter later than everyone else in our class. This means she only recently moved back home, so I was eager to visit her and compare notes on how life in the real world is going. We drove into downtown San Diego for lunch at a small café in Little Italy, then spent the afternoon walking around the city and down to the warf. Such a nice, womantic day-trip accompanied by my favorite overcast weather. The entire world becomes a perfectly-lit studio when it's overcast.

Hallie's mom helped to create these mosaics. How ridiculously cool.

Side-note: I love the Navy.

Here's a fun fact: The camera Hallie is using is the same Rebel I learned to shoot with while studying in Paris. Woo!

Two things I love: Trees and Clouds. What do I love even more than trees: Naked Winter Trees.

We thought this was pretty funny. Danger: You may have time-traveled?

The mermaid has come ashore.

I so deeply wish to be a pirate.

Reason #273 I love spending time with Hallie: She is a true creative and she helps me see the world a little more colorfully. She spotted this perfect reflection, ran over and told me to take a picture of it.

This gorgeous sunset over the peaceful shores of Del Mar was the perfect finish to our day. I am so thankful for my friendship with Hallie and this opportunity we had to wander and explore together.

Urban hiking through the canyons of glass and steel

A Day at the Park