L'observatoire avec Emilie

Ma chère Emilie was visiting from Austin last week, and I am so so so glad to have been able to spend so much time with her. The week was admittedly insane since she was in LA and I had commitments throughout the week in Orange County between work and *dun dun DUN* jury duty, but I was more than willing to make the drive up to the city of angels to see her as much as possible. We ended her time in California on a high note at Griffith Observatory. It was a beautiful sunny day and I cannot...CANNOT...wait until our next rendezvous.

Our friendship is founded on the time we spent together in Paris. Those pesky states between California and Texas will never keep us apart.

I like to call this one "Disgruntled Urban Outfitters Model".

Even though Emilie's gone, it's Monday, and a new week lies ahead, I'm glad to be getting back into my regular routine at work. Jury duty really threw a wrench in everything last week. Just to paint you a picture of how everything went...on Sunday I was in LA for church as usual. I called in for jury duty at 11am on Monday only to find that they didn't need me...unfortunately I had given up my shift at work that afternoon since there was a chance I'd have to report to the courthouse. That evening I drove up to meet Emilie and her parents at The Grove after they picked her up at the airport. We eventually found ourselves at Diddy Riese for ice cream sandwiches. On Tuesday at 11 I called in again for jury duty, and discovered the harsh reality that I'd have to be at the courthouse on Wednesday at 7:45am. There went another shift at work. Wednesday I was in the courthouse from 8am-5pm and it was super duper loads of fun. As soon as they released me I drove up to North Hollywood to stay with Emilie for the evening. I was up bright and early again on Thursday to be back in Orange County by 10am for part 2 of jury duty. Thankfully I was dismissed by 11:30....then drove right back up to LA for one last afternoon with Emilie before she flew home. Phew.

If there's one thing I've learned over the past week, it's how thankful I am for my car. Seriously.

Happy Monday!

She loves the natural light

Mission San Juan Capistrano