Austin's Zilker Park and Botanical Gardens

I spent the last two weeks in the great city of Austin, Texas visiting Emilie and her family. Since Emilie had to work on my first day in town, her lovely maman Marie scooped me up and took me to visit Zilker Park, Austin's botanical gardens. The weather was wonderfully overcast, simultaneously meaning my perfect photography conditions and a glimmer of hope that I'd be able to evade the forecasted 80+ degree weather. What struck me most about the gardens was how seamlessly each area flowed into the next. It was all so organic and natural, weaving together effortlessly.

The walkway above reminded me SO MUCH of Ireland. Sigh.

The Zilker Park Botanical Gardens are separated into a handful of "mini" gardens, each with it's own unique theme...The one above was definitely Japanese-inspired.

Very March-appropriate, I think.

Little-known fact (or at least previously unknown to me...) Austin was once settled by the Swedes... this Official Historical Medallion marks their presence. Way to go, Sweden!

After the gardens, we took a stroll around Lady Bird Lake along the hike and bike trail, where Matthew McConaughey has been known to run. I did not see him. Rats.


This visit to Austin was much more lush and green than my previous two, which were in the dead of summer. I was glad to experience this slightly less humid and sweltering version :-)


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