SXSW 2012 Day 3

After lunch at Easy Tiger on 6th Street and a delectable strawberry cupcake, Emilie and I walked down to Fader Fort for a mid-afternoon show. Fader Fort is an event hosted by Converse that tends to be slanted more towards hip-hop. Not generally my scene, but it was very well-done with a couple of on-site bars and seating areas. We were there to see Kimbra, and boy does that girl have some pipes. I was very impressed.

We originally planned on seeing Glen Hansard, The Lumineers, Pickwick, AND Good Old War that night. Our schedule was completely foiled by our lack of wristbands. The 250,000+ more people there this year definitely made things difficult. If there's one thing I learned about SXSW it's that you have to learn to be flexible. There is so much music going on at all times of day all over the city that it can be kind of hit or miss. Even if you have everything expertly coordinated a show time or venue could change at the last minute. Fortunately, neither Emilie nor I were too bent out of shape over our shattered plans...we were just happy to be together.


The McKenzie Family

Delta Spirit at SXSW 2012