The McKenzie Family

Months before my arrival in Austin, Emilie warned me that Maman Marie put in a special request for family pictures while I would be in town. I, of course, was elated at this opportunity. It's not often that I have the chance to take family portraits, let alone portraits of a family I love so much! I first met Emilie's family during their visit to Paris while she and I were studying abroad, and over the past couple of years I have been able to spend more time with them on visits to Texas. The five (well, 6 including Angelo, the family's chihuahua) of us had a wonderful afternoon at Turkey Creek wading through knee-length grass, crossing streams, and praying that the impending thunderstorm would hold off for *just* a little bit longer.

Marie hopped right up on this tree without hesitating. The French Canadienne has no fear.

Emilie says that many people don't see any similarities between Martin and her. I have come to realize, however, that they are pretty much the same person...Emilie is just an exaggerated and more outspoken version of her quieter and often more reserved younger brother.

Adrien is one of the most caring, thoughtful, and considerate men I know! So are you, Angelo.

Marie, you are so radiant!!

McKenzies, I had an amazing time visiting you, as always! The chance to take these pictures with you was just the icing on the cake. Miss you all!

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