Jenni's Bridal Shower

A couple weekends ago I had the honor of photographing my friend Laura's sister Jenni's bridal shower (I don't really know how to make that sound less convoluted). Laura and I have a unique friendship in that certain circles of our friends have developed pseudonyms for us to compensate for the undeniable confusion of us having the same first name. So, for just about 4 years now, I have grown accustomed to responding to Laura 2, Number Two, Laura Blonde, and, on some occasions, Dolores. Anyways, I diverge. I was so happy to be a part of the celebration with Laura Brown, Jenni and their family and friends. Jenni looked absolutely radiant--and I'm pretty sure this was the first time I've ever seen her in a dress. She totally rocked it. I can tell that she and her fiancé Paul have built a solid partnership and that they are embarking on what is sure to be an incredible adventure and life together.

Laura, Master of the Sangria.

The first obligatory bridal shower game: What's in your purse? I definitely got a kick out of watching all the guests empty their purses and hunt for the various paraphernalia on the list.

Watching a bride-to-be open her shower presents is always such a joy. With each unwrapped gift we all began to see the makings of Jenni's and Paul's lives as a married couple come together.

The proud Mother of the Bride :-)

While Jenni unwrapped the presents, Elaine carefully and expertly constructed the ribbon bouquet.

These cupcakes, made by Laura...yep, they were to die for.

This was truly a lovely afternoon with Jenni celebrating her upcoming wedding...I know we're all excited for the big day!

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