On Memorial Day my family and I drove up to LA to spend the holiday celebrating my parents' wedding anniversary. Twenty-nine years. I cannot even begin to express how proud I am of them as parents, as a couple, and as best friends. They have set such an amazing example for my brother and me of what a marriage should look like. While my mom was in college and working at a local tennis club, my dad had moved to Southern California for school and was looking for a club to join. He walked up to the front desk and inquired about a membership while my mom was working. She replied that he frankly would not find good tennis at this particular club because most of the members were much older than he was and wouldn't play at his level. He then asked if she would ever be interested in playing with him sometime. My mom, who was on the Cal State Fullerton team, was feeling pretty burnt out and declined his invitation...not realizing that playing tennis was merely an excuse my dad was using to spend some time with the pretty girl at the front desk. They went their separate ways, my mom moved on to a full-time job, and the club eventually closed its doors.

Almost a year after they first met, my parents found themselves at the club's closing party for former members and staff. My dad was able to steal a brief moment to ask my mom for her number. Since she was in a hurry to leave the party, she told him to find her friend Bruce because he'd be able to pass along her contact information. When my dad asked Bruce about Carolyn Knight, Bruce's reaction was one of shock that he hadn't realized how absolutely perfect they were for each other. Perfect.

My dad finally was able to play tennis with the girl at the front desk. What resulted was one of the most solid and supportive best friendships I have ever seen. I can only hope and pray that I live up to their example one day!

My parents love my staircase walks, so we all decided that was a great way to spend the day. The walk we chose was in Beachwood Canyon, the area of LA that used to be known as Hollywoodland.

One of my brother's famous "Dexter" faces.

For lunch, I took everyone to Alcove Café & Bakery on Hillhurst. The food there is to die for, and the bread pudding we had for dessert may have actually done me in. We loved it so much we bought two more to take home.

Kimmie & Amy