Kimmie & Amy

As I waited near the bar at Starbucks for my passion tea lemonade on an overcast morning at the Orange Circle, in walked Kimmie and Amy with a ukelele and a copy of Pride and Prejudice in tow. Throw in a vintage typewriter, and we had the makings of a fun and quirky photoshoot, beginning in the back alley of Starbucks. I know it doesn't sound picturesque. I firmly believe though that a beautiful picture can come together anywhere as long as the light is right. Kimmie and Amy are unmistakably sisters, and lovely sisters at that. Kimmie and I have been friends since she transfered to UCI almost three years ago...but it feels like so much longer. We had the opportunity to walk together at UCI's 2012 commencement ceremony this past weekend, so it was pretty incredible to have been with her for the start and finish of her time at UCI. Kimmie is vibrant, deeply loving, and can pretty much have a conversation with anyone about absolutely anything (if you can keep up with her...she talks faster than almost anyone I know). The more time I spend with Amy, the more I see how very similar she is to her sister while simultaneously having her own unique personality and interests. If I remember the story correctly, Amy didn't start speaking until Kimmie started kindgergarten because she simply couldn't get a word in edge-wise and resolved to patiently wait for her time to shine.

Later this month, Amy heads to England for a 6-month mission trip, so we all thought this was the perfect time to capture some pictures of these two together before she goes. We also happened to be right in time for Father's Day :-)

You girls are beautiful and I had so much fun traipsing around Orange with you!



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