Hannah & Jenny

One of the most solid and steadfast friendships I have had the joy of observing during my time at UCI has been Hannah's and Jenny's. This duo is seemingly inseparable, yet they both maintain their own unique personalities and charm. When Hannah asked if I'd be willing to take some senior portraits of the two of them, I was elated at the opportunity to document their friendship and transition from UCI to real life: Hannah in California, and Jenny in Washington D.C. We spent a June-gloomy Friday morning with books, journals, and cameras in a whimsical park, with the girls seated on bushy tuffets even Ms. Muffet would have lusted after.

The girls had this cute idea after seeing something similar on Pinterest. I loved how "summery" their bright nails looked against the cool colors of the books.

This last image is quite possibly my favorite from the entire morning :-) I love the whimsical reeds offset by just a *hint* of collegiate order.


Hannah and Jenny, I love you and miss you both already!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for my fellow anteaters.



Kimmie & Amy