Jenni & Paul | Wedding Day

When I walked into the banquet hall at Green River Golf Club I instantly saw Jenni and Paul marked all over the room. Gold and purple. The Lakers. Tables adorned with centerpieces featuring pictures from their travels and bottles of wine. I think what makes a wedding truly special is seeing the bride and groom's personalities and interests shine through. Jenni and Paul were no exception. For these physical therapists and Laker enthusiasts, their wedding felt like a glimpse into their journey from the beginnings of friendship to their engagement. I was so happy to have the opportunity to document their wedding and celebrate with them as they begin their lives together and continue to grow closer every day. Jenni and Paul, thank you so so much for including me! I had so much fun every step of the way and I am eternally grateful for the chance to really experience a wedding from the photographer's perspective.

This was my first experience shooting a wedding. Ever. I was definitely a little apprehensive initially but as soon as I arrived I think my instincts kicked in and I entered photographer mode. Looking forward to more weddings and learning more about this profession every day! Special thanks to one of the other photographers, Joe Lengson, for being so supportive. I pretty much told him he could dropkick me if I was annoying and getting in his frame but he only offered encouragement to get in closer and be more involved.

Congratulations again, Jenni & Paul!

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