Amanda + Jon | Wedding Day

The morning began at Starbucks. As the tea chased the sleepiness from my brain I began to feel the full force of the excitement surrounding the day: Amanda and Jon were getting married. I can still remember the tangible joy I felt upon receiving Amanda's picture message of her engagement ring last summer, followed by the phone call in which she invited me to be one of her bridesmaids. While this feels like eons ago, I still could barely believe that their wedding day had actually arrived. After mentally and spiritually preparing for the weight of the day with a few verses from Ephesians, I convened with a couple of the other bridesmaids and we made our way across the street to the Newport Marriott to begin the beautification process...

Amanda's amazing friend Kaitlyn was one of our talented hairstylists, and I know Amanda immensely appreciated having her joyful self around for the preparation process.

Amanda's mom, Nancy, has taken to choosing a new background theme for each month. Appropriately, July was very wedding-themed.

As Amanda was having her hair done, the groom sent a messenger with a wedding morning surprise...a beautiful bouquet of flowers, champagne, and orange juice for all of us to enjoy.

I guess we all had the same idea that morning...

The following image makes me melt...a happy bride, beautiful creamy light, and the reflection of Fashion Island in the background.

Okay, so Katie broke out these tiny toothbrushes. We were highly entertained for a solid ten minutes.

Natalie, Amanda's twin sister and maid of honor, had planned and executed everything so perfectly for the wedding day and the many months of preparation that precluded it. When I saw the emergency kit she packed for Amanda I was astonished at how carefully she had thought everything out. She even had white chalk, which I learned is the best way to hide a stain on a white wedding dress. News to me!


At about this time, the mother of the groom, Jeanine, made me promise to put my camera away and enjoy myself at the wedding. The thing is, I am probably the most connected to life when I am taking pictures. Photography IS me enjoying myself. However, I did need to be as helpful as possible as a bridesmaid, so I wasn't able to get too many more pictures as soon as we were on the move. I absolutely love the image below, though, of one of Amanda's last moments with her dad before she became a Mrs. 

And finally, one of the few reception pictures I was able to snag. 

What a truly beautiful wedding day this was! From the perfect light and eager anticipation that surrounded our time at the Newport Marriott, to the ceremony at St. John Neumann Catholic Church in Irvine, to the beautiful reception back at the Marriott, the day could not have been a more appropriate beginning to Amanda's and Jon's lives together.

Amanda and Jon, I hope you are having an amazing honeymoon in Jamaica and I cannot wait to visit you in Colorado!

Bonnes aventures.

Amanda + Jon | Wedding Preview