Living like it's the 70s.

We set out on a bright summer morning in search of records. Cheap records. Half-off prices at a local thrift store gave us a great start. I was intrigued by the entire process...I am so not a thrifter but I was amazed at the volume and array of material goods scattered around the Orange Lutheran Thrift Store. Items which once seemed valuable enough to be purchased had all found their way to this place in search of new lives. It was like the dusty purgatory of consumerism. I understand that for some people, thrifting is invigorating and represents the challenge of a hunt for hidden treasures. Maybe one day I'll get it. For now, I usually leave thrift stores craving a shower to wash the remnants of other people's lives off of me.  Regardless, I did enjoy watching Kimmie partake in the hunt...and her spoils were indeed considerable.


We had to stop into Bookman, the used bookstore next to the record shop where it literally feels like the books are ready to leap off the shelves and impart their wisdom on the next passerby.


Back at Kimmie's, we obviously had to test out the records she purchased on her brand new record player. Lately I've been feeling like I'm getting so old as I approach my mid-twenties. Seeing Kimmie's dad's reaction to our enthrallment with her archaic turntable definitely reminded me that we are still very, very young.


My current love affair...

Bonnes aventures.