It's Friday and I'm Feeling Nostalgic: Vaux-le-Vicomte

One of my absolute favorite experiences while studying abroad was visiting the château Vaux le Vicomte. In 1641, the young Nicolas Fouquet purchased this piece of land just to the east of Paris and began building a grand palace for himself. The result was a château that rivaled Fontainebleu and Vincennes. With Le Vau as architect, Le Brun as painter, and Le Nôtre as landscape designer, Vaux was like no château the French aristocracy had ever seen. Fouquet hosted a grand banquet to celebrate the completion of his palace--the grounds were illuminated by candelight and minstrels strolled the lawns entertaining guests and creating a truly magical atmosphere. One guest, however, was not so enchanted by Fouquet or his masterpiece. The young Louis XIV was filled with jealousy and conspired to have Fouquet arrested by musketeers and exiled. He then hired the same team Fouquet had employed for Vaux to build a much more well-known castle: le château de Versailles.

The château had racks of costumes for kids to wear during their visit...I can't think of a better way to recreate the atmosphere of Fouquet's elaborate party 4 centuries ago.

Je vous verrai bientôt, Vaux...

Street Food.