Hangin' with the dudes.

As I looked down my aisle at Reality LA I realized I was about to spend the entire Sunday with boys. I knew I was in for an adventure. An adventure involving food, spontaneity, and climbing things. Boys always have to climb things.

Our first excursion was to the Old Zoo at Griffith Park. We spent about an hour roaming the grounds while the guys imitated lions and I followed with my camera.

Then pie happened. I've been wanting to go to House of Pies in Los Feliz forever and the day finally came.

After pie-ing up we felt energized enough to staircase, and we came across a beautiful Craftsman house for sale at the beginning of our walk. They happened to be having an open house that day, so we invited ourselves in for a look around.

My mom grew up going to the church in the center of the above image. I forget sometimes how much of my family's history is based in LA. I think it explains the strong pull I feel towards this beautiful city.

I've always admired Craftsmans for their juxtaposition of orderly, clean lines and "cozy-homeyness," but this was the first time I've actually been able to appreciate the interior as well. Now I want one for myself.

We ended the day downtown for refreshing beverages at Caffe Primo. I love days spent bouncing around Los Angeles.

Life in the in-between.

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