Paris par arrondissement

I realized today that I have somehow taken a month-long hiatus from this blog. Goodbye, October. I can explain myself. For the first half of the month I was in Paris where my heart feels whole and the streets fit like an old, familiar glove. The second half of October was spent wrestling with the idea of how exactly I should go about sharing the (literally) thousand or so pictures I took on my trip. I quickly decided to avoid tackling this project in a predictable, chronological order. I think this is mostly because my visit was neither predictable nor chronological. Time ceased to be relevant as soon as my plane touched down at Charles de Gaulle and Emilie and I climbed aboard to RER B to be reunited with our city. For me, this was my first return visit since studying abroad in Paris in the spring of 2010. I wanted this trip to be devoid of the typical, predictable tourist spots and as much about re-assimilation as possible. Emilie and I agreed to devote ourselves to delving into Paris and her arrondissements and truly re-discovering the city we love s0 much. I therefore have decided to share my trip the same way I experienced it. I promise this blog "series" will not be a slew of landscape/travel pictures...hello, boring. I also promise that I will do my best to provide relevant historical information when I can because Paris is such an intricate and fascinating city with a dense, beautiful, and (in some cases) twisted history. So, spiraling out from the heart of Paris, we will make our way together through her arrondissements and end with two châteaux just outside the city limits. I will officially start in my next post with the 1er arrondissement, but below are a few highlights...


Ile de la Cité. 1er arrondissement.

Hôtel de Ville. 4e arrondissement.

Jardin du Luxembourg. 6e arrondissement.

Basilique Sainte Clotilde. 7e arrondissement.

Parc Monceau. 8e arrondissement.

Canal Saint-Martin. 10e arrondissement.

La butte de Montmartre. 18e arrondissement.

Cimetière du Père Lachaise. 20e arrondissement.

Château de Vincennes.

Château de Sceaux.


Alright, I'm taking a deep breath and preparing for the next 14 posts in hopes that they will manage to capture at least a sliver of this truly wonderful two weeks I spent in Paris.

Paris: 1er arrondissement

Rip 'em.