This year, for only the fourth time in my life, my birthday fell on Thanksgiving. Some people have asked me if it was hard growing up with a birthday so close to such a major holiday, expecting me to feel like I was in some way slighted by the universe for having my birthday thunder stolen by turkey and gravy. I haven't ever really felt that way though. This year especially I felt incredibly blessed to be celebrating my birthday on a day that reminded me just how much I have to be thankful for. My family and I spent our non-traditional (yet now very much a tradition) Thanksgiving dinner at Splashes restaurant at the Surf N' Sand Hotel in Laguna Beach. I felt like I was positively overflowing with gratitude but also reminded that this feeling should not be limited to one day a year. So I'm making more of a conscious effort to rejoice, pray, and give thanks in all matter what (1 Thessalonians 5:18). IMG_0594_1 IMG_0595_1 IMG_0659_1 IMG_0643_1 IMG_0612_1 IMG_0611_1 IMG_0605_1 IMG_0600_1


Paris: 5eme et 6eme arrondissements

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