Pie Day

Almost a year ago I was having dinner at a lovely German sausage restaurant on Traction Ave in the arts district of downtown LA when I spotted something nearly mythical across the street. What I saw was The Pie Hole, and what I felt was the heart-warming reminder of a quirky tv show I used to love called Pushing Daisies. Now, I really have no idea whether the owners of The Pie Hole named their eatery after pie-maker Ned's restaurant or not, but in any case this café is quite lovely and not without its own touch of whimsy. The menu seems to change almost daily according to whatever fresh produce the cooks have to work with, and the selection ranges from savory pies stuffed with Brussels sprouts or steak to the sweetest of sweet pies full of Mexican chocolate. I recently had the pleasure of stopping in for a bite and I know that The Pie Hole and I have a bright future ahead. IMG_1166_1




The lovely Samsko with her fancy Italian-coffee-I-forget-the-name-of. I am so thankful she and I were able to spend a few days together exploring, eating, watching too much reality tv, and encouraging each other in our walks with the Lord. I love you, Sam! *muah!*


My Brussels sprouts and soyrizo pie above, Sam's steak and ale pie below. Yummmeh.



...And sometimes you just have to buy some sweet pies to go and trek up to the Griffith Observatory for desserts with a view.


For any curious taste buds:

The Pie Hole | 714 Traction Ave | Los Angeles, CA | 90013


Paris: 7eme arrondissement

Seeing through the haze.