Serendipity | An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.


Spring is upon us and I can't help but remember a wonderful trip I took several springtimes ago to Italy's Amalfi Coast. It seems that by happenstance I found myself in the quiet seaside town of Positano staying in a cheery bed and breakfast with a view of the Mediterranean so large my eyes could hardly capture it all at once. The above photograph has been a favorite of mine ever since because it captures the true serendipity of this moment and this trip. Four American girls who were once strangers had been thrown together during a semester abroad in Paris and now were vacationing on the Italian coast. It hardly sounds real. Serendipitous moments like these cause me to stop and realize how great our blessings are. Can't help but be thankful.

I'd also like to call attention to the light in this picture, for which I can take no credit at all. When I took this picture I was as good as an orangutan with a camera who could hardly control the buttons let alone understand things like ISO and aperture. Yet somehow this image conveys the dreamy, lazy afternoon Italian light so beautifully. Serendipity indeed.


Paris: 8eme arrondissement

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