ezer kenegdo

ezer kenegdo


Often it seems so easy to be held captive by the ever quickening pace of life. The days begin with great sleepiness, breakfast is eaten in a dreamy fog, music drowns out any possibility of thought or introspection while driving, and before I know it I'm plunged into my work environment and completely consumed by it. When the day reaches its (usually exhausted) end I feel like I step out of that robotic reality and into another. A reality in which I remember God and all his grace and sovereignty and find myself wondering how I could have possibly spent the majority of the day trusting in my own will and strength rather than His. A freeing reality in which I find my identity in Christ and what he's done for me rather than in my own merit or accomplishments. Not too long ago I was experiencing a very similar day to the one described above. When I least expected it, God sent me an incredibly refreshing reminder of how deeply he loves me and wants me to depend on him. I work part-time at a job that often requires me to demonstrate skincare products on people's hands, and as I began to help one woman with a body scrub I asked her to roll up her sleeve in order to show her how the product worked and felt on her skin. As she pulled back the cuff of her jacket I saw a tattoo on her arm bearing the words ezer kenegdo. I scanned the depths of my memory to find the meaning of this Hebrew phrase, but had to ask the woman what it meant. She seemed surprised when I asked her about it, but responded simply that it meant "Jesus is my savior."

But this didn't seem to me like it quite captured the full meaning of the words, as I had a vague memory of learning what this means in reference to women.

So I researched it.

ezer kenegdo is used to describe Eve in the book of Genesis. To ensure that that Adam would not live in isolation and loneliness, Eve was created - bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh - to be his helper, his equal, his life-giver (Genesis 2:18). Some translations attribute this to power or strength, or even one who stands in opposition. The point of this is that Adam and Eve were to bear equal responsibility and work together for the glory of God and his kingdom. The only other Biblical usage of ezer kenegdo is in reference to the Holy Spirit, which God sent to be our helper and our life-giver in the absence of Christ.

Thaaank you Jesus for this sweet reminder of the role I play as a woman and of the power of the Holy Spirit in my heart. And thank you for pursuing me even when I do not pursue you.

In response to this, I just have to share pictures from a weekend with some of the wonderful women in my life. Christ shines through their actions and their words so beautifully and they are such an incredible encouragement to me. sandiego2








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