During the month of March I jumped on board with an Instagram challenge hosted by Darling Magazine (psst...check it out!). I particularly enjoyed having to consciously think about how I was using my iPhone as a camera. Stretching myself beyond my typically thoughtless Instagram posts was a pretty neat exercise and I think it has left me trying to remain a little more deliberate. I thought I'd pull all of my images together to see what I came up with over the course of the month. I've learned a few things: 1| I'm pretty inconsistent in terms of filters and editing. Something I'd like to change. Also the creative excessive cropping I did is driving me crazy.

2| I'm no design whiz. Making this calendar was pretty dang hard! I need to sit myself down and go through a Creative Live photoshop refresher.

3| I drink a lot of tea.*


*well...that's no surprise.


Paris outtake: Tea time.

Paris: 9eme et 10eme arrondissements

Paris: 9eme et 10eme arrondissements